November 29, 2022


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St Drostan's Well in Fraserburgh, Scotland

St. Drostan is said to have lived from 560 to 630 CE. St. Drostan was a follower of St. Columba. St Drostan is said to have landed on this beach before evangelizing the Buchan area in Pictish times.

According to the local legends, St. Drostan used the water of this spring to baptize the local people. He was also famed for his miracle cures in Aberdeenshire.  

St. Drostan’s Well or Sacred Spring is a natural spring locals built a wellhead over in the mid- 19th century.  The wellhead consisted of a white seating structure and a pink granite basin with a cover carved with a scallop shell around the well.

The well bears the inscription “St Drostan’s Well 1884 Erected by J Findlater LLD, a native of Aberdour.”

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