November 29, 2022


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Snowy Farr Sculpture in Cambridge, England

Walter “Snowy” Farr MBE raised thousands for charity with his traveling menagerie of animals in Cambridge Market Square.

Dressed in a bright red tunic and black boots, with his long white beard, Farr would have crowds of people gather to watch him performing in the middle of Cambridge.

He included all sorts of animals including cats, dogs, mice, guinea pigs, chickens, and pigeons. Usually, a cat would sit on the top of his hat, and the mice would run round the brim, while pigeons balanced on the end of an umbrella and other creatures ran around the basket of his bicycle.

It was an amazing sight, and crowds of people gathered to watch him and donate money.

Following his death in 2007, the Cambridge City Council commissioned a sculpture designed by Gary Webb that would reflect Farr’s character and spirit.

The aluminum and bronze sculpture was installed outside the Guildhall in 2012, near the site where Farr performed for charity.

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