December 2, 2022


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Ouabache State Park in Bluffton, Indiana

Ouabache State Park, pronounced “O-bah-chee,” near Bluffton, Indiana features a 20-acre, fenced area with a herd of about 10 bison. The bison roam in a natural setting within the fenced-off pasture, grazing and doing a fine job ignoring park visitors.

Bison are often mistaken as buffalo and are easily distinguished by having a large head, a big hump shoulder, and a beard. Bison existed in Indiana until the early 1800s and are still featured on the state seal.

While visiting the bison herd, a nearby fire tower can also be climbed for a spectacular view of the lake, woods, and distant, bison. Fire towers were more common in Indiana in the 1930-the 1950s, but several still exist in State Parks.

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