December 8, 2022


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Obadov Brijeg in Danilovgrad, Montenegro

In November 1944, the 6th Montenegrin Strike Brigade defended the nearby Danilovgrad Pass from an invasion of German soldiers. The memorial sculpture on Obad’s Hill (Obadov Brijeg) commemorates the 6th Montenegrin Strike Brigade, a group of more than 500 anti-fascist fighters who defended the hill.

In the late 1970s, local government and SUBNOR veterans committees in Nikšić and Danilovgrad began to organize the creation of a modest monument complex to commemorate the military victory by the 6th Montenegrin Brigade at Obad’s Hill.

The memorial sculpture was designed by the Modernist architect Slobodan Vukajlović. It was completed in 1974 and inaugurated on the 30th anniversary of the defense of Obad’s Hill. Its minimalistic style is interesting in several respects in relation to its shape and form, as it bears a similarity to a swan-like bird.

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