January 29, 2023


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La Maison du Gruyère in Pringy, Switzerland

A famous cheese factory where robots ensure perfect maturation. 

Gruyère cheese is the most famous type of cheese in Switzerland and one of the more popular ones in Europe. The name is protected, which means that the cheese can only bear the name if it is made a certain way in the region around the town with the same name. 

Most factories in this area typical, but the Maison de Gruyère opens up the process for visitors. Inside you can see the entire process of making the cheese from milk to maturation. You can also taste the cheese straight from the maturation caves in their restaurant, but perhaps the most unique sight are the maturation caves themselves. 

Most of them are below ground and not visible to visitors, but one room is on ground level and has a glass wall that allows people to look in. Inside several shelves absolutely loaded with cheese. In between the shelves you can see robots moving around and testing the cheese with various sensors and flipping it when needed. 

The robots are made by a company called jnj who specialize in cheese maturation robots.

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