December 2, 2022


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Face Rock in Bandon, Oregon

Looking from the shore of the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coast to the heavens, Face Rock presents a striking image among the rocky beaches and incoming waves. 

Various rock formations line the Oregon coast, some with names descriptive of their shapes like Whale and Castle Rock. Near the town of Bandon is Face Rock, with a formation of a face looking to the right and up to the sky. 

It was looking to the sky that saved the subject of a legend told by the Coquille people. Ewauna, daughter of Chief Siskiyou, snuck her way to the ocean despite the warnings about the evil ocean spirit Seatka and his powerful gaze.

Seeing the ocean for the first time, Ewauna danced in the waves but soon felt Seatka grab hold of her to drag her under. Avoiding his gaze, Ewauna kept looking towards the moon and sky, where she still looks today.

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