July 2, 2022


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Börje’s Tie Museum in Ramnaklev, Sweden

A few red houses along a country road in Sweden contain the world’s only museum dedicated to ties.

Börje Gustafsson is the man behind the collection of almost 9,000 ties, not a single one identical to another. The collection took off in 2004 when a store in the nearby city of Vetlanda had a clearance of ties and Gustafsson brought them all. He continued to buy more and people also began donating ties to him.

As the collection grew, the building that once housed ties grew too small. So Gustafsson had no choice but to construct yet another building on his property to display them all.

Gustafsson himself thinks that all of the ties are beautiful and have a story to tell. One of the highlights of the collection is tie a friend had custom-made in the United States for his 70th birthday. 

Börje’s Tie Museum is a hidden gem in the Swedish countryside and a visit might very well include meeting the man behind the collection for a tour. 

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