January 29, 2023


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Bishop Rosendo Salvado Statue in Subiaco, Australia

The Bishop Rosendo Salvado Statue is an interesting public sculpture made of bronze that commemorates the life of the Benedictine monk, Dom Rosendo Salvado Rotea. Situated in the Perth suburb of Subiaco, the work was created in 2011 by local Australian artist Greg James who has built a reputation for his eye-catching work, many of which have become iconic landmarks across the city. 

The statue was commissioned by Ear Science Institute Australia and is situated in a prime position on Salvado Road, a road named after this famous figure. Born in Galicia Spain in 1814, Salvado was an early settler and missionary who migrated to Australia in 1846. It was in March of that year he founded “New Norcia,” a place of education and one of the early Catholic missions in Australia. Salvado built a reputation for his skills as a musician and leadership in spreading his religious beliefs and teachings across the country. He was known as a campaigner for the rights and education of the local Aboriginal people.

This sculpture marks his contribution to the Subiaco district of Perth, where in the 1850s a monastery named New Subiaco was built only a short distance from the site. The monks planted olive trees in the local area and this contribution is shown today on the City of Subiaco coat of arms which includes an olive branch. 

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