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December 22, 2011

Money is an Idea

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“Money Talks,” they say, and certainly everyone talks about money.   Money is so popular a subject because it represents a great many things to so many people – food, clothing, freedom, a home, care, etc.  Before money, people traded goods for someone else’s goods or service. Now, people use money as a trading medium. It’s simply a concept. As long as people have confidence in the system, then money will retain a certain value. You do one hours work in exchange for so much money. You in turn take that money and trade it for a product or service. A portion of that is called on to return back to the Government to do public works. The more you earn the more you return to expand the social infrastructure. And another plus is the more money you have the more people you can help; let me
assure you, there is no virtue in being poor.

What is money anyway? Money in itself is worthless it’s only worth is that which society places on it. People must believe and have faith in its purpose before they can accept it as tender. People are willing to trade good, services and labor for nothing more than an idea because the Government places a guarantee of value on it. Look what happened after the Civil War. Confederate money became worthless overnight. In short, money is to the individual exactly what he/she intends to do with it. Because money has no value in of itself, it is only as valuable as what it is exchanged for Money is only a representation of something else.

Why chase something that is worthless?

The fact is, money is the fuel that runs the world. Sound strong? Then why is there a need for a world bank? Why are third world countries in such despair? Why do people kill for money, and why do so many people risk everything just for the chance of having wealth? You don’t have to look any further than the Internet as an example of how far people will go for money. Some of the most outlandish claims I have ever heard in my life are on the Internet. ,000.00 in one week? Give me a break! Six figures in two months, maybe, if you have ,000.00 to spend doing it. The reality is, if you are going to become wealthy, you have work for it. Dedicated hard work! No setting around on the beach, no playing on the yacht! No BS all work. Unless your rich Uncle leaves it to you or you hit the lottery, you have to work. I don’t mean work at the local fast food place, I mean get down and devise a plan to make your time pay off big time. Wealth – for some it’s only a dream and for others, it’s a lifestyle.

There are no mysterious secrets or magical incantations for gaining wealth. There is no witchcraft or voodoo involved. In fact, it is quite the contrary.  There is no evil in the gaining of wealth. Money is just a tool to be used at the discretion of its’ holder. It’s the love of money that gets people in trouble.  When people put money first, they have made it their master.



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